Bethany Bounty Hunter

I love world-building, and so for this new sci-fi gaming setting I’m starting with a gripping narrative about surprisingly similar heroes in a surprisingly similar situation.

It gets dark at times, but on the lighter side this may be the first time that the adjective ‘ionic’ has been used for both meanings at once!

I just hope my players don’t assume it will be this easy for them to survive.

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Quick builder-game reviews

I was playing a bunch of different little games recently, with a common (if stretched) theme of city builders. I thought I’d give some quick reviews here to share my thoughts – they all had things to like. Giving the verdict on the same line as the title to avoid suspense, since I’m not giving detailed verdicts anyway.
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The Rhino War

Filling out my backlog took an obvious and lengthy pause due to illness. Fortunately the fevered imaginings of a man on his death bed is perfect for creative writing; pity I only had a cold. It still led to some fresh material, and here it is.

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