Bethany Bounty Hunter

I love world-building, and so for this new sci-fi gaming setting I’m starting with a gripping narrative about surprisingly similar heroes in a surprisingly similar situation.

It gets dark at times, but on the lighter side this may be the first time that the adjective ‘ionic’ has been used for both meanings at once!

I just hope my players don’t assume it will be this easy for them to survive.

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Holiday Research 2

The holiday season is well know as a time for cashing in on crappy sequels. I did this one mid November, but pegged the publish date to the holiday in question. Just in case this cheap attempt at wordplay comedy is too subtle for some.

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Emotive Poems

As much as I alluded to disdain towards my own poetry, there is no quality bar here. Or maybe it’s just my poems are so good at conveying emotion, that when I wrote the poem conveying “crap at poetry” I bought it hook, line, and sinker. Anyways, Caveat Lector.

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Social Shorts

I had cause recently to try my hand at poetry as a mechanism for creatively expressing emotion. Now my only emotion is a feeling of being crap at poetry. It is expressed easily with the following haiku:

sad feelings like a, um
something something syllables
never mind.

But before that sudden drop in range, there were some emotions related to social anxiety which I found room to express in prose. Short stories are more my natural style, after all.
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Holiday Research

Here’s one I wrote over the holidays just recently. In the best traditions of online comedy, I think there’s something here to offend everyone! But if I said who would be most the offended, then I’d ruin the surprise.

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Memories of a Shieldmaiden

There were a few iterations of how I wanted to tell this story before it ended up coming back to a fairly “standard” prose narrative. But if you thought “The Empire” was preachy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Enjoy this classic medieval fantasy short story where some of the dark-edginess of modern culture has finally gotten through to me.

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Quick builder-game reviews

I was playing a bunch of different little games recently, with a common (if stretched) theme of city builders. I thought I’d give some quick reviews here to share my thoughts – they all had things to like. Giving the verdict on the same line as the title to avoid suspense, since I’m not giving detailed verdicts anyway.
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Watch Out

With all the fuss about smart watches these days (disclaimer: I’m on my third pebble), I wanted to highlight their darker side in a short story. Ended up showing some of humanity’s darker side too, so as to not make the watches look too bad.
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